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 Art Class Workshop  

  coming soon @



Welcome to our art class workshops.

A variety of workshops in different mediums and techniques. 

Engaging disciplines for both beginners and advances skills.

Workshops currently include:

Reverse painting on glass ,Painting on Canvas, Oil orAcrylic, Printmaking Intaglio,and Mixed media .

Register now class starts in mid october.

Art workshops  can  inspire and get you back into creating again.

Creating art has many therapeutic benefits.

Welcome to our new range of art workshops for adults. Choose from a variety of mediums and techniques. Try out a new medium and learn a new skill. Workshops currently include;  oil, acrylic painting , printmaking,and  mixed media .

 <Once the process is underway, students quickly realize that no one growth as a painter dependents solely on  regular  practice and experimentation rather than being gifted. >


     250.00 FOR THE CLASS

      60.00  FOR THE MATERIALS

       ALL INCLUDED 310.00 

         5  WEEK CLASSES

 sponsor a kid 8 to 12 years

 just buy the Materiel 60.00

 limited to one kid .

                FOR REGISTRATION  in LOS ANGELES. call    310-867-4783


                                            4330 Degnan Blvd los angeles CA 90008




                                     Tel: 510-465-8928    406  14 st, Oakland CA 94612

                                     ARTSTUDIO 313-867-4783




                                        WWW.AZIZART.COM 310 867-4783  ARTBYAZIZ@GMAIL@COM