Welcome to our art class workshops.

A variety of workshops in different mediums and techniques. 

Engaging disciplines for both beginners and advances skills.

Workshops currently include;

   Reverse painting on glass ,Painting on Canvas, Oil orAcrylic,  , Printmaking Intaglio,and Mixed media .

    Register now class starts in mid october.

Art workshops  can  inspire and get you back into creating again.

Creating art has many therapeutic benefits.


     220.00 FOR THE CLASS

      60.00  FOR THE MATERIALS

       ALLS INCLUDED 285.00 

         5  WEEKS CLASS

 sponcer a kid 6 to 12 years

 just buy the Materiel 60.00

 limited to one kid . 

ALL THE ADVANCES CLASS  ARE 300.00 Materials not included

           AZIZSTUDIO  ext
            in leimert park village 
           43xx degnan blvd los angeles ca 90008

              STUDIO TEL 323 230-0720  /310-867-4783

             Exhibitions instalation and registration- OCT 13-15 - 2017   3 PM -